Project Description

London Broil

Neither Mike nor I liked steak much growing up, but we do now! Even though I didn’t eat much of it back then, I have fond memories of my dad cooking steak either outside on the grill or under the broiler. It was always a simple process. He never added more than a sprinkle of salt and he never cooked it beyond a dark pink center. It was an art he had perfected! Mike adds a bit more to the process and I’m 100% sure my dad would approve. Although london broil refers to the cooking process not the cut, I’ve seen steaks labeled “london broil” in the super-market. The main difference between this recipe and most I’ve seen is that we do not use a marinade. If you follow our instructions, you won’t miss it.

Note: We vary the seasonings based on our mood and what we have on hand. Depending on what else we’re making, we might omit the onions. Sometimes we swap the McCormick’s seasoning for black pepper, garlic and onion powder or just a sprinkle of salt like my dad used to make it.