Project Description

Homemade Fettucine

I loved making fettuccine with my mom from an early age. Often times they were the result of making more dough than filling for ravioli because of course we never wrote down an accurate recipe with a proper dough to filling ratio. Instead, we would make too much dough and the extra would get turned into fettuccine. I also think we did it this way mostly because my dad loved homemade fettuccine and we loved surprising him with it. Technically ravioli dough is softer than pasta dough but that never stopped us nor did it diminish the taste of the pasta. I’ve started to play with the recipe to make it more manageable for long pasta and I’ve been pretty happy with the results. As far as forming the pasta goes, I use a machine because it is easier and because I am fortunate enough to have one straight from Italy that was passed down to us from my Zi’ Angela, but you can certainly do this by hand. I’ve made them both ways.