Project Description

Green Pepper Salad

My mom’s pepper salad has always seemed to me, the most unlikely favorite dish, but people love it!  Even I love it and I’m not the biggest fan of green peppers (and you really need to use green peppers or they won’t stand up in this recipe). In general I think peppers totally overwhelm dishes and I use them very sparingly.  Also, as a kid, I didn’t like anchovies, but I’ve always loved this salad. Here’s the thing. You don’t have to eat the anchovies, but the flavor they add to the overall salad is amazing, and I would never recommend making this without them.  In some ways it’s like a Caesar salad where you blissfully enjoy it, while pretending the anchovies aren’t there.  In this case though, they are really visible, especially in my family where we’ve taken to doubling the amount added. As you may have read in Tree Trimming, my cousin Lou loves anchovies and so we had to double the amount. Likewise, Mike loves black olives so my mom has doubled the amount of those too! We aim to please around here.  You can add according to your taste of course. This dish is a crowd pleaser and a particular favorite at our Easter dinner and our Tree Trimming party. It’s pretty quick and easy to make and really comes in handy in a pinch.  Just make sure you always have a stock of canned black olives and some anchovies, either in a jar or a tin. If you are baffled to find canned olives as an ingredient in an Italian recipe, you’re not alone. I am too, but that’s just how we’ve always done it. Perhaps the selections were limited many years ago when my mom first made this.  Enjoy!