Project Description

Gemelli Con Sofritto, Ceci and Sausage

This is a true BBTK original recipe. Mike came up with it one night as we were scanning the fridge for dinner ideas. It most likely originated after a weekend of making soup. I’m sure he wanted to use up the carrots and celery while they were fresh. We probably had a few links of sausage left in the package after a weekend worth of dippy eggs so it was a convenient protein option. And that’s how a recipe is born in our tiny kitchen. It’s such a simple combination of ingredients but it was so tasty and flavorful. I was blown away and probably ate too much of it.

Note: The sausage is a key component to the flavor so be sure to select a quality brand. We generally use Premio or Pat LaFreida. Mom uses Botta but we can’t find that in our neighborhood. Use the best option available to you.