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Easter Sweet Bread

Easter Bread

This sweet bread recipe has always been a favorite in my family and is traditionally made each year for Easter. The recipe comes from my Zia Elsa who absolutely mastered just the right technique to produce the best most beautiful bread year after year. She used to put colored Easter eggs in between the braided dough to make it festive, but we stopped doing that years ago. The bread around the egg never cooked properly and it just didn’t seem worth it. Now every piece cooks perfectly and we enjoy the entire sweet bread. Her recipe called for a tablespoon of annisette but no one in our family likes that flavor so we substituted it with whiskey! My nonna put a shot of whiskey in most baked good that she made so you know it’s ok. Of course you can always use vanilla extract if that’s what you have on hand. One thing to keep in mind when making this bread is that the amount of flour used will vary. You may need a little more or less each time you make it depending on anything from altitude to the weather. One of these days I have to ask my cousin Kim in Colorado what kind of effect the altitude has on her baking. Either way you need to get a feel for the dough. This dough should be soft, smooth and manageable.

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