It was the night before my 43rd birthday and as I approached the long crowded bar to order a round for my friends, I noticed him next to me. I’m pretty sure that I did not elbow him out of the way as we stood there together, but I did manage to get the bartender’s attention first and order some drinks.  Without a word, I gathered up my order and navigated the crowded floor back to my friends to hand out beverages and enjoy the last few hours of being 42. Not much time passed before everything changed for me and suddenly I was being introduced to the guy from the bar. I guess it would be a much cooler story if I had said something witty and then walked away leaving him dazzled as the bartender took his order. Unfortunately all we have from that brief encounter are two conflicting stories of whether or not I elbowed him out of my way.

Love isn’t always glamorous or complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as standing elbow to elbow with someone who is about to order a beer. Of course a bit of luck always helps a romantic situation. In my case regardless of my elbow or the fact that we didn’t say a word to each other, we were always going to be introduced to each other that night.

Admittedly I appropriated his attention for the rest of the evening and probably learned all I needed to know. That is, that I wanted to know more. I know it’s Valentine’s Day but I’ll spare you the sappy details of the rest of the story. This is a food blog after all. The important thing to mention is that we quickly discovered that food was the common interest that would always bring us together.

For Valentine’s Day week (why not take the whole week?) we enjoyed a series of meals that one or both of us cooked for the other. Because as it turns out, food is the way to our hearts.

If you’re still trying to decide what to cook for your valentine today, consider some of our favorites, steak and pasta. Most importantly don’t be fooled into thinking this day is only for romantic love. I can’t remember the valentines before Mike, but I remember the meals I’ve cooked and shared with my best friends and my family, my first loves. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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