Project Description

Tomato Sauce with Sausage

We love meat sauce specifically made with sausage for it’s robust flavor (especially if you opt for hot). It’s the sauce you can use for a big Sunday meal when you have the whole family together. It’s perfect for thick pasta like fettuccine or pappardelle or for short pasta like penne or shells. The sauce adheres to each strand or collects in the small pasta shapes for flavor in every bite. There are many ways to make meat sauce but in this variation we use sausage. We always rely on this version when making polenta for Carnevale where pork is the go-to ingredient for an indulgent sauce.

Note: For thicker sauce you can use 1 part peeled tomatoes and 1 part pureed tomatoes or just pureed. I use Cento, but all of the major brands carry both peeled and pureed tomatoes. Of course if you want even thicker sauce, my mom swears by tomato paste. It comes in easy to store tubes now so you don’t have to commit to using an entire can or throwing most of it away. You can just use what you need.