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Mom’s Tomato Sauce With Country Ribs

Meat sauce is a staple in our kitchen. It makes the perfect Sunday meal and adheres to pasta perfectly. The recipe below is pretty basic. You can add different herbs and seasoning to your taste, but all you really need is garlic, olive oil and salt and you can make a sauce that will dazzle your guests. My mom and dad always swore by big meaty country ribs to make this sauce and it has never let me down. You can also add meatballs and sausage to enhance the meal, but they are not necessary to make this sauce. Although I add a variation below for thicker sauce, it’s not one I use often. I never want the pasta to compete with the sauce which I think happens with really thick sauce. I want the sauce to thoroughly coat the pasta getting into every nook and cranny, not just cover it like a tomato blob. I’m not sure if this is the influence of southern Italian lineage, but it’s my strong preference. And speaking of strong preferences…when it is time to serve, for best results, do not let the pasta sit in the colander or serve the pasta and sauce separately. Instead, ladle this delicious sauce right onto your pasta as soon as you’ve strained it and serve immediately. Pasta waits for no one! My mom says so…