Project Description

Linguine with Spinach and Prosciutto

This dish is a recipe that wrote itself or maybe our refrigerator wrote it. One night after work, with not much on hand and a rumbling tummy, I decided to surrender to auto pilot and just make a simple aglio e oglio for dinner. Don’t get me wrong. Simple is delicious and we love a good garlic and oil, but luckily my imagination got in the way and suddenly a simple go-to dish blossomed into something new. The addition of spinach and prosciutto added a salty but fresh flavor to our stand by meal. Taking a little extra time to decide the correct seasonings and quantities created a wonderful balance in this meal and really paid off in terms of dinner that night. If you’re thinking that you simply don’t have the time to labor over such details every time you cook dinner, don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered.

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