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Chicken Piccata

There are many slightly varying recipes for this dish, but the one below is partially from my mom and partially improvised because we simply do not follow recipes in my family.  If I called my mom today to ask her how to make this, she would give me a different answer than the last time I asked.  It is by no means the end all be all recipe, but it’s really tasty and very reflective of the  idiosyncratic preferences my mom has passed down to me.  I probably make it slightly different every time I make it.  After all, I am my mother’s daughter!

Note: Most recipes I’ve seen for chicken piccata call for lemon and capers.  If you’d like to use these ingredients, add them when you add the chicken broth (about 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice and about 1-2 tablespoon capers.), but remember they are very distinct flavors, so use them to your taste. Also, capers are salty so adjust the salt you add accordingly.  Sometimes I use one or the other or both. I think the reason that those items are not part of my original recipe is that my mom isn’t crazy about lemon on food and she is pretty selective about where she uses capers.  You’ll start to notice that my mom is ever present in my cooking.