Project Description

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are a staple in my family’s kitchen. It didn’t mater what my mom was making for dinner, the odds that she might throw in some chicken cutlets were always high, especially if someone was coming over for dinner. I can’t remember even one guest in my mom’s kitchen that didn’t love her chicken cutlets. They are the simplest yet most delicious option in mom’s repertoire. Her grandkids were raised on them and for many years ate them almost exclusively. Looking back, we must not have had any vegetarian friends. Of course, mom would have had an option for them as well, but if you eat meat, you should really try the cutlets.

For the corn…
Back in the 70’s when you didn’t find as many fresh vegetables in grocery stores as we do today, my mom would make a can of corn to go with the cutlets (especially during the winter). There was no recipe. Just open can, pour into pan, add a tab of butter, a dash of salt and heat.  This was my friend Mar’s favorite meal. She spent many nights around our table eating this very combination (usually when her mom made something she didn’t like). Now that there are so many fresh vegetable options, mom rarely makes canned corn alongside her chicken cutlets, but I had to add this nostalgic note as an homage to Mar and her childhood visits to our table.

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